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Now available on Amazon

Dreams from Nepal: A Novel

Twelve-year-old Ram was born and raised in a small village in Nepal. He’s destined to be a village farmer like his father, but he dreams of so much more. Then, a mysterious opportunity in the form of an olive-green Land Rover comes to whisk him away into a new life. Through dedicated service and the gift of education, Ram can become more than he ever thought possible. 

As he transitions to adulthood, though, he begins to wonder if the path he’s on is the right one for him. A voice is telling him to “go home”, but he’s not sure where home is anymore. The choice he makes can alter the lives of everyone around him, but it’s up to him to find out what the right choice really is. 

Dreams from Nepal is the emotional, powerful story of a twelve-year-old Nepali boy’s journey through faith, love, and unbreakable determination to live a better life.

Bikul Koirala