My Thoughts: Technology and Evolution


Evolution says that us humans start losing uses for body parts as we Start using them less and less. The human appendix is a good example of this. With the advancement in technology, we turn to our mobile phones and the web for any information we need these days. While this has made our life immensely easy, where are we heading with this in the decades to come?Here is what I worry about!!

I used to remember most of my friends and family phone numbers until 10 years ago when mobile phones were not that popular. Now that all the numbers are stored in the phone I honestly cannot even remember my work phone number. I used to be able to do simple math in my head with no difficulty. Heck, I used to be able to do even fairly complex math in my head. My nerdiness might have had something to do with that but nonetheless my point is that most people used to be able to do simple math and remember basic things with no problem. I did not need calculator or a computer to be able to calculate what the tax or tip on a certain item would be. Being a chemist, I used to be able to easily calculate molecular weight, do complex multiplications and divisions amongst many other things in my head.Now that I have my phone with me every waking second of my life. Well, it's right next to me when I sleep too, I turn to the calculator app or the web for most of the information and calculation needs.

What will happen to our memory and creativity as we start using them less and less over the decades to come? Now, when we need ideas on how to design our room we go look at sites like pinterest and Houzz... Instead of thinking for a second what color do I really like and what color would go well with my furniture etc.

where are we headed in the coming decades with the advancement in technology with our memory and creative skills. If everything we have learned from evolutions and sayings like practise makes a man perfect is true, it looks to me like we are headed to a future with technology where human innovation and creativity is actually going downhill. We are headed to a future where the start a new segrregation of people who continually continue to develop their mind as they are developing new technology and the technology users who start to loose the basic skills as they get deeper and deeper into the world of technology and forget how to read a dial watch,paper map, or even not knowing how to get their own home without the GPS directions. I believe, It's time to wait and think about where should we draw the line and stop using technology for basically every single thing in our life.

We need to find a balance between nature and technology before we reach the point of no return!!!