7 tools in my toolbox


In this post I am going over few tools in my toolbox I use everyday.

1. Canva

I recently stumbled upon this amazing site. Even though i love good designs, my personal design skills are lackluster. I have been looking for simple and affordable design tools for a very long time. I was ecstatic when I found Canva. Their tagline of Amazingly simple graphic design is spot on. With a large collection of design templates and elements, this site makes design accesible to everyone for free or a very low cost

2. Trello

It took me a while to get used to Trello but has been a tool I use everyday now. I use Trello for project planning, to-do lists, and overall project management . With simple cards that can be moved from one bucket to another, it gives me an ability to visually manage projects I am working on school, work, or business.

3. Hootsuite/ Buffer

I try to keep my social profiles active but often struggle with posting regularly. I use both hootsuite and buffer to schedule tweets/ Facebook posts for up to a week. I will still post throughout the week that is time sensitive or new information but these tools let me schedule posts as I am reading and have articles I am interested in sharing.

4. Spotify

Music feeds the brain and soul and Spotify gives me an unlimited option for every mood. I subscribe to Spotify premium, so I can enjoy uninterrupted music and have the ability to forward songs.

5. App Annie

I have been using App Annie since its Infancy, and have always been impressed with the product. Annie lets me quickly see key statistics like downloads, revenue, percentage change, and many other key aspects of my apps in a snapshot. They make it super easy to connect all my accounts.

6. Launch Kit

Launchkit's Screenshot builder lets me create screenshots for all iOS devices at once from one image. This is a huge time saving as I am getting ready to submit new app to the app store.

7. Momentum extension for chrome

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.21.22 PM
Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 2.21.22 PM

This simple extension has made a huge impact in my productivity. Momentum is a simple plugin that will display a beautiful image any time you open a new tab. The tab will show time and what my focus is for the day along with my task list. This helps by hiding the recently visited site and reminding me to get back to work.