Crazy Alarm App

Crazy Alarm is a universal Alarm App for iOS developed to help users wake up the way they want. The app offers multiple ways to unlock/disarm the alarm so you can find the alarm that works best for you. This page answers some frequently asked questions you might have.

Can I setup more than one alarm?

Yes, Absolutely. Simply tap the + button and add as many alarms as you'd like

For Picture to unlock method, Can I use any picture?

In Theory Yes, but we recommend taking a picture of single item such as coffee mug, a book, mirror, etc rather than a picture with multiple items.

Smile to turn off does not recognize my smile?

Low lighting situation can sometime interfere with smile detection. Please, make sure there is ideal light and flash a bigger smile.

How do i add more than one minute to complete some of the alarm tasks?

This time is set by the "Snooze duration" on the settings page. Change that time to the amount of time you need to complete the activity, for a maximum of 5 minutes.

The app does not recognize a shake

Shake sensor is setup not to be too sensitive on purpose. Try shaking it harder and try different motions to find out what type of motions are registered best.

The app does not recognize my steps

Try keeping the phone in your pocket as you walk and see if the steps are registered. You will need to accept the motion activity request to be able to use this feature. If you selected no during setup, please change this from your phone's setting.

I made an accidental purchase/ I would like a refund.

Payments and refunds are handled by apple store. We are unable to issue refunds directly. To request a refund for app purchase or in-app purchase please follow the information here.

The Alarm does not ring

Please, make sure that your notifications are turned on for CrazyAlarm and both sound and notifications are marked on. You can check your notifications by going to settings-->Notifications--> CrazyAlarm. Your notification setting for the app should look like this:



I still have questions. How do I get help?

Just send me an email at koirbiku at and I will be glad to answer your questions.