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Welcome to my page. If we have not met, here are few things about me. Born and raised in Nepal, I came to to U.S in 2003 for education. After spending almost six year in Pocatello, Idaho, I lived in Illinois for three years before feeling like home again at Fort Collins, Colorado. I am a chemist by training and spent most of my professional career in biotechnology. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, I quit by my full time job as a Chemist to dedicate my time and effort to pursue my passion in mobile applications and Edtech. Being a part of the Professional MBA program at Colorado State University, has given me the motivation and confidence to pursue my dreams. I am working to change the way we learn by making it more fun and interactive. 

I love this beautiful state I live in and all the natural beauty it has to offer. Ample selection of delicious craft beers around is definitely a plus. I love reading, going on nearby hikes, and spending lazy afternoons at local breweries.

In this blog, I will be writing about chemistry, mobile apps, education, and my personal views on day to day things.

Some of my work


kDuoapps Android Radio Apps  – https://goo.gl/GubOjm

Other Android Apps - https://goo.gl/FkBJvX

kDuoApps iOS Apps – https://goo.gl/JcJpNC

BoBo Labs/Themissinglynx iOS Apps –https://goo.gl/KEEwc6

Eguruba/ Learning Apps and resources- www.eguruba.com

kDuo Productions/ Global radio apps- www.kduoapps.com

Lacuna Diagnostics- www.lacunadiagnostics.com

Academic Publications

Google Scholar Link – https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=v5lQOaMAAAAJ&hl=en

Non Fiction Books

Learn Nepali – http://goo.gl/036gFw

Color Chemistry- http://goo.gl/Mx02Ht

Fiction Book

Dreams from Nepal – https://goo.gl/RvoSvg